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Topics: Economic development, Development, Developing country Pages: 11 (3849 words) Published: June 13, 2013
DEVELOPMENT DYNAMICS:  The scientific study of Development forces or processes (Dynamics) that produce movement/change inside a group or system.

Before we move on to analyse the meaning of Development Administration it is very important to understand the concept of 'Development'. Development is a complex concept to define,generally it means moving or graduating to a better stage of condition. Development means change plus growth. Development is a process of acquiring a sustained growth of a system's capability to cope with new,continuous change toward the achievement of progressive political,economic and social changes. However, though growth is a pre condition for development it is not a synonym for development and the two should not be taken to mean the same because mere growth of economy does not make it a developed economy,there will be n number of other issues that are either caused by the development like extreme poverty or there will be issues that are standalone like illiteracy,etc. Growth of economy or economic growth is easy to achieve but economic development is not an easy achievement. Economic development is when the means of production are more technical savvy and institutionalised and its distribution is equal among everyone for social justice.

According to planners in India,the concept of development must incorporate the following elements: 1) Economic growth does not mean economic development. There is no surety that a growth in investment,capital formation,industries and national income would alone bring in overall development and social justice. Therefore,we must view development in its totality as one single,unified concept incorporating social,political,cultural and economic angles/dimensions. 2) Social justice is basic to development,that is it provides the base and foundation and principle and objective/goal of development. 3) Development has to be a participative exercise and not a one sided or lobbying affair where only those who are elite and wield power have a say. 4) Self reliance is an important and inseparable aspect of development. In detail it asserts that developing countries should be able to participate in the development process on basis of complete equality in international relations and affairs for reaching an agreement that will be beneficial mutually to both parties involved. 5) Scarcity of natural resources calls for maintaining their balance and not be exploited in the name of development.

Now that we have understood the concept of 'Development',we can move on to understand the theory and concept of administering that Development or Development Administration.

The essence of Development Administration is to bring about change through integrated,organised,and properly directed governmental action. When Riggs was busy testing the traditional theories of Administration in developing countries like Thailand in 60's he realised the futility of the experiment because the problems that plague the developed societies do not plague the developing countries and so the former's administrative practices did not work in the latter's ecology. He found that in order to bring the developing nations onto the platform of the developed there has to be a lot of development to be done and so these countries were so busy in their welfare and development activities that they developed their own ways and practices of administration in order to sustain the same. Therefore,that is where the concept of development administration was conceptualised. Development Administration as an area of study was propagated as a means to bridge the gaps and missing links in administrative theory between the developed and developing countries.

There is no unanimous definition of Development Administration as such as everyday it is being given newer ones and updated but yes, there are certain characteristics and features of Development...
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