Public Distribution System

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Report on
Road-Side Vendors

By :-
Keshav Nagar (2010TT10924)
Praveen Mahato(2010TT10944)
Bharat mittal (2011CE10342)
Rashmi kumari (2010CH10107)
Kumar Nikhil (2010ME10688)
.Relevance of the Project
.Information gathered
.Places of survey
.Types of people surveyed
.Analysis of Data
.Problems faced by these people
.Problems in Data Collection
.Bill against harassment


This project is done as a semester project, as a part of course titled “INDIAN ECONOMY PROBLEMS & POLICIES”. We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to Professor Jayan Thomas, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for his invaluable guidance and assistance throughout the course and for giving this opportunity to explore into the real world. My thanks and appreciations also goes to my friends in developing the project and people(Road-side Vendors), who have willingly helped us out with their abilities in doing survey and collecting data. Finally, we humbly thank all those who have not been explicitly mentioned above but who have directly or indirectly worked to make this report a reality.

To study the conditions of work and life of Road-side Vendors in our country and try to know a bit more about their life beyond what meets the eye. Relevance of the Project:
As we have already studied in this course that our country’s major portion lies in the informal sector and this sector contributes heavily to the GDP of our country and so studying this sector is utmost important in order to understand our economy. We choose Road-side vendors as our target to study about this side of the economy. As we all know that these vendors comprises a huge part of the total work-force and so we choose them as our subject of study. By studying them a bit closely will give us a raw idea of the working and living conditions of these people as well as the problems faced by them and the benefits they get from the government or other sources. This will help us understanding that what our government is doing to uplift these people and what problems they face like harassment etc. These people do face a lot of difficulties in their day to day life as they don’t have a permanent shop or place to carry out their work and don’t have a daily wage payment, and their sales also fluctuates over days which makes their economical conditions unstable. Also people from various parts of the country migrates in big cities like New Delhi in search of jobs to feed their families and themselves and by this project we are trying to take a closer look into some of these aspects of these people’s lives like as to what are the conditions that force them to do such works and why they migrate to cities instead of working in their locality.

Information gathered :-
To try to know the above mentioned conditions of these people we needed information about their income, living conditions, family members, education (their own as well as their children), nutritional intake, age, property owned etc.

Places of survey :-
we conducted our surveys in areas nearby IIT Delhi campus like SDA market, Nehru place and Munirka. We chose these places because we expected that we will find a number of road-side vendors in these areas as these areas are fully fledged markets and serve as an ideal place for such people to carry out their work. One more reason was that as these are big markets, we expected that we will find people from all age groups as well as from all those people who migrated here from other parts of the country. Types of people surveyed :-

We surveyed 20-22 people in this survey and it includes people of different professions like cobbler, barber, food vendors etc. We also tried to involve people from various age groups and living in different parts of the city and people who are married...

References: -
All the datas used in this report are collected jointly by all the team members from various locations.’
We also referred to some other works and websites for additional details:-
* Course materials for HUL-216
* Wikipedia
* Informal Sector in Indian Economy by Dipa Mukherjee
Thank You
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