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Public policy in indonesia

Public policy, what do you think about public policy? Public policy very closely associated with the government, when the government makes public policy, that is where the government actually being instilled certain values ​​in society, because every policy contains a set of values ​​in it. Own in indonesia, Public Policy less so good, why? Policies made ​​by our government considered less precise and less wisely, but public policy is the basis of the advantages of the nation, so that in every policy decision should be able to issue a public policy superior to meet three main requirements, among them are intelligent, wisely and give hope to people.1 Smarter policy is a public policy that directly hit the core of the problems in society. There also is wisely, it means the policy should be fair and not binding trait and the policy has particularly give hope for the people to become better.2 So, the public policy can not only meet one of the criteria of intelligent, wisely, and giving a hope, but must meet all three. Therefore, any public policy should contain goals, and values ​​of social practices the existing in society. Public policy should not conflict with the values ​​that live in a society. Example of cases pedicab banned in Jakarta, aimed to smooth traffic, because the pedicab is considered disturb the smoothness of traffic, in addition to considered less humane. However, with the abolition of pedicab, then appeared "ojek". Although the "ojek" is not including public transport vehicles, but the Jakarta government is not taking action to ban it. The absence of measures to prohibit "ojek", it can be said of public policy, which can be classified as "not doing anything". So, "Public Policy is whatever the government choose to do or not to do".3 conclusion

Public policy created ​​by the government in the form of government actions. Public policy, well to do or not to do something that has a specific purpose. Public policy...
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