Public Policy and Society

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Public Policy
a.Define public policy.
Public policy is both the written and unwritten laws of a society that suggest the moral, ethical and social behaviors of people (Capalli, 1997, p. 393). Some public policies are common understandings among a group of people that exist in a particular locale, while other public policies affect the whole of society within a certain nation. Public policies guide a society in the direction that the people believe that it should be headed. However, because economic and social factors are constantly changing within the social order, public policies change as well to meet the varying needs and goals of the people. When unwritten public policies are formally documented it is to ensure that the policies within a society are enforced and that there is a universal support for the public policy, regardless of objections to it. b. Describe your local government as it impacts your work environment. Explain how the state in which you work affects the policies of your local government. The local government is part of the working environment. However, many entities within the local government directly impact the manner in which the organization functions. For example, the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce consistently works to address public policy issues and support legislation that alters the manner in which the organization meets public need (“Legislative” 2006). This has been accomplished in the area of housing, environment and in relation to schools in the last two years. Each of these policies that is supported by the Chamber, therefore, becomes a concern of the organization and must be addressed in order to ensure that the organization is focusing on goals that are geared toward the future of the community. The state impacts public policy in the organization through the legislature, the judiciary and the policies that arise that affect the citizens. The North Carolina Center for Public...

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