Qualities Of Rizal

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Which qualities of Rizal are worthy of emulation?

Sense of self
Love for country

How can the acquisition and development of these qualities in our people help the nation?

Educated. We, as a students, should dedicate ourselves in our studies and study very well, like what Rizal did, because it does not only live up the dreams of our parents but also, I know, we are doing a lot for our country. Remember when Rizal said, “The youth is the hope of the fatherland.” which he actually wanted to say is “The educated youth is the hope of the fatherland.” With education, we can equip ourselves with the knowledge we have acquired to accomplish our desired objective or purpose.

Self-discipline. Rizal was a well disciplined person. As a relation to my answer in education, A student should be able to control his feelings and overcome his weaknesses. In today's generation, students can't resist distractions such as gadgets & technology. Obviously students tend to spend most of their time using the technology or their gadgets more than reading their books at home. That's why self-discipline should be practiced.

Sense of self. I think to be a good leader is to have a strong sense of self because a good leader is a good leader of himself. Also a strong sense of self is when we believe in ourselves and what we stand up for. People may disagree with our opinion but that does not automatically mean we are wrong. Just like Rizal, he was expelled from a university because of the different opinions between him and the school officials but he never lost his conviction that he was capable of doing great things.

Love for country. Jose Rizal was the person who use his very existence for the service of others. But what I meant about love for country is not about just what a person have done or will do for the country but the love for one's national language. Rizal's linguistic skill was remarkable but his mother tounged remained tagalog. We,...
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