Questions on Citizenship

Topics: Government, Citizenship, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: April 9, 2013
1.Choose the best answer from the alternatives.
(a) A responsibility is a___to do something.
(1)liability (2)immunity (3)asset (4)performance (b)Government should not carry out the____to the citizens.
(1)maintenance (2)problems (3)distress (4) personality (c) The gathered knowledge from schools will help one to___responsibilities. (1)avoid (2)move (3)carry out (4)evade (d)One should discharge his responsibilities to be a___citizen. (1)best (2)good (3)bad (4)worse (e)Government should___its citizens from disasters.

(1)undertake (2)intake (3)protect (4)move out

2.Answer the following questions:
(a)What is responsibility?
(b)What should not be done?
(c)what should be done?
(d)what are the responsibilities of the government?
(e)what should we do to be the good citizens?
3.Fill in each gap with the suitable word of your own based on the information from the text “A”

Both the government and the citizens of a(a)____have to(b)____some responsibilities.Man should not harm others(c)___in the society.He should have soft feeling and must show(d)___to others.It is the duty of the citizens(e)___his helping hands to others.On the(f)___,the government should provide the(g)___necessities of life such(h)___food,clothing,Shelter<education and medicine. The gov. has also thr obligation to protect their(i)___rights.Finaly everybody living in the society can not but(j)___each other. | | | |

A | B| C | D| (a)Responsibility| Should extend| Protect its citizens| Various diseases| (b)It| Must| Very...
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