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Overall, the SWOT analysis suggests that the principles of the attractions in Quezon Province are generally seen as appropriate but the implementation on them is not deemed measuring up to tourists’ expectations.

This SWOT analysis was based on the locals’ opinions about the destinations given their varied experience and knowledge. Nevertheless, decision makers or responsible government authorities can draw on some useful insights from the opinions as to how improvements can be made to improve the destinations. While enhancement of the attractions should continue to occur, the SWOT analysis suggests that urgent policy agenda may include improvement in political and administrative processes, the development of reliable, less complex regulations.

SWOT Analysis Table


Community people are empowered to manage trees with secure tenure on publicly controlled land

Availability of resources and support programs (e.g. land, technology, seedlings and training)

Involving and encouraging a large number of individuals to plant trees

Creates cohesiveness among individuals in the community through active participation

Sustainable development: ecological benefits can be derived in the long term

Improving livelihood to smallholders, especially those living in the upland

Lack of finance and of microfinance programs

Uncertain and complex government regulations

Lack of information, education and communication

Poor implementation of policies and guidelines

Low capacity of communities to run organizations and deal with administrative demands

Lack of cooperation among community members

Weak community organizing, lack of manpower

Lack of property rights or inflexibility of rights, with respect to land and trees OPPORTUNITIES

Availability of more foreign funding support or investment
Potential economic stability, better quality of life of upland farmers, diversification of livelihood

Potentials for improvement of the indigenous knowledge systems, technology transfer and forestry education

Planting right trees at right places: viable planting, developing improved methods of growing trees

Collective contracts with processing industry: formation of forest cooperatives

Possible failure in implementation of contracted rules or promised activities

Insecure tenure or uncertain harvest rights may discourage tree planting for harvest

Changes in government policies

Lack of sustainability of community attitudes, motivation or participation

Natural calamities (e.g. typhoons, wildfire) may cause severe damage to plantations

Poor state of transport infrastructure

Other strengths reported:

It saves the government some responsibilities and costs involved in tree establishment and maintenance. Community people become more aware of protecting the natural environment and trees. The physical environment in Region IV-A is conducive to tree growing; Guiding policies are clear. It encourages optimization of resource uses.

The most recognized strengths in Quezon Province included the empowerment and security of access it gives to rural communities to plant and manage trees on publicly controlled lands; availability of resources (e.g. land, seedlings and technology) encouragement of a large number of individuals to plant trees; cohesiveness among households planting or managing trees within and between communities. Other strengths that were enumerated with lower frequencies included improving the livelihood of upland smallholders and saving the government from responsibilities and costs associated with tree establishment and forest maintenance.

Other weaknesses reported:
High dependence on foreign funds.
Poor support from governments officials.
LGUs have low awareness about the programs implemented in Quezon. Inadequate pest, disease and wildfire control.
Negative attitudes of landholders.
Poor leadership and...
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