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Topics: Government, Human rights, Tourism Pages: 5 (1233 words) Published: July 10, 2011
A work of art can never be justified just in terms of financial terms.

1. political dimension
2. it refelcts social phenomena / may seek to change mindsets 3. historical events.
4. National identity
5. conveys feelings and intrsucts us on what to feel
6. behaviour of people.

Do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive?

1. pollution.
2. Stress and high expectations

A good leader must always look beyond the needs of his or her country.

1. sg always makes diplomatic ties. To maintain these, we must help out neighbours in need. e.g. provision of aid. This will ensure that sg will receive a similar amount of help when we need it. 2. ASEAN scholars thing. Development of the REGION. Asia can emerge stronger. We will be better able to meet the aism of ASEAN and create a stronger asian economy. Also likely to promote peace and prosperity. 3. Foreign aid was provided to uganda, which is a shining bright spot on an otherwise dark african continent. 4. Have to be concerned with the economic conditions of other countries so as to ensure the safety of his or her own country's economy. 5. The terrorism thing.

6. Leaders may go too far. The U.S. Seems to have taken reign over the middle east. It radically coerced iraq to adopt democracy. RUSSIA thing also. 7. U.S. Surveillence in chinese air space. Resulted in the plane crash incident. 8. Operation desert storm. The U.S. Provided the wrong signal to saddam hussein, which gave him the wrong idea that the U.S. Would condone the invasion of kuwait by iraq.

Can small countries have a significant voice in world affairs?

1. no, small political clout. e.g. the taiwan and sg thing. 2. No, small countries

Science and religion will always conflict.

1.ethical dilemas.
2. weapons of mass destruction.
3. Indsutrlisation.
4. Pop music, etc.
5. science has allowed for deviant lifestyles.
6. However, not always. Some medical treatments can save lives / other useful inventions.

evaluate the relevance of religion in today's society.

1. no, changing values.
2. Secular states – leaders may use religion to placate religious leaders. But this is 3. religion has got nothing to do with the state.
4. Science has taken precedence.
5. Religion sometimes subjugates women, creates harsh punishments...... but there is increasing knowledge of human rights. It is still happening in taliban controlled countries. But has eroded in most other parts of the world. 6. Ethical dilemas.

7. People still subscribe to their religious beleifs for personal reasons.

are the poor an inevitable feature of any society?
1. yes. a large amount of poor would exist in countries where the government rules poorly, where people cannot even obtain their basic necessities. 2. yes. large-scale conlifccts are inevitable, these lead to people becoming poor. 3. education is not seen as vital.

4. even in developed countries, the government provides aid to the poor, but they are often left behind. lack of social mobiltiy in society. 5. however, some governments do try to improve the situation and it is very effective. do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive? 1. yes. unpleasant usrroundings.

2. stress and competition.
3. no, it provides one with good education.
4. good job.
5. benefit from government policies more directly.
5. too many problems in society.
6. entertainment, leisure, etc. which soothes the stress of modern living. arts in sg.
1. it reflects social phenomena
2. it soemtimes, though rarely, has a political dimension
3. sense of pride of being singaporean
4. music - given name to sg with regard to the arts.
the tourist does not see the country the inhabitants know.
1. toruist goes for mass tourism. shopping, eating, sleeping. 2. some go there for other purposes, e.g. medical tourism, business, etc. 3. tourist may go to cultural places, etc. they learn...
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