Reaction Paper: Philippine Bureaucratic Capacity for Effective Government and Development by Prof. Hilton J. Aguja

Topics: Bureaucracy, Civil service, Public administration Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: May 19, 2011
Reaction Paper: Philippine Bureaucratic Capacity for Effective Governance and Development By. Prof. Hilton J. Aguja

Submitted by:
Reynaldo P. Plaza Jr.
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Prof. Samuel Simbahon
This paper will focus on the validity of the claim (of the research paper) that economic growth and development lies on how strong their state is and their bureaucratic capacity for effective governance. I consider it as valid. In fact, when we look at it, the strength of the state will also depend with the bureaucratic capacity that a particular government has. For instance, when the composition of government offices is filled with incapable or weak civil servants, eventually the facade of the government as a whole will not be good to look at. Moreover, it was clearly defined in the research paper on how bureaucracy should be. This refers to the criteria to have an ideal type of bureaucracy. The first criterion is that bureaucracy should be a clearly defined division of labor. There must be a demarcation line in performing different tasks of the government. In the national government, the task of legislating laws must be isolated merely in the legislative body, the task of executing the laws must be exclusively given to the executive body concomitant with the bureaucratic agency and the task of adjudicating or interpreting the laws must be handled only by the judicial body. However, it is important to take note that albeit the existence of the division of labor, each civil servants belonging to different tasks must value the coherency in achieving the goal of the government as a whole. Second criterion focuses on the impersonal authority structure. It means that the structure of government positions must be characterize not on the basis of personal choice but on the basis of how positions are defined and structured by the existing laws that a particular state have. The third one talks about the existence of the hierarchy of offices. Because of the division of labor and...
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