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Topics: Teaching English as a foreign language, Linguistics, Grammar translation Pages: 3 (683 words) Published: January 15, 2013

Grammar Translation Method and Communicative Approach Method are compared in teaching English language. Which is better? Based on the research of Nitish Kamar Mordal, Communicative Approach Method (CA) is far more significant effective than Grammar Translation Method (GT) in teaching English language. After reading this research, the writer wants to give some comments and opinions.

Firstly in introduction, although the researcher introduce the variable briefly, explain the advantages of CA and disadvantages of GT but the researcher chooses the words which is easy to be understood and this process stands until the end of the research. After reading the introduction, the reader can not find the gap and the fact.

Secondly in literature of review, the researcher contributes a lot of opinion and statements about CA and GT. These statements and opinion are taken from the other books. It is enough to be a basic to conduct a research. After reading the literature of review of GT and CA, the reader can not find mini summary or conclusion of the researcher.

Thirdly in methodology of the research, the researcher conducts the qualitative research (no experimental) and the total sample is 88 students. When the reader read the instruments in the table.1 (page 90 – 91). The table and the instruments is not so clear how many students agree with CA and how many students agree with GT in teaching English language. The researcher does not describe about it.

Based on the weakness and strength of this research, the writer wants to give some evaluations. Firstly about introduction, the researcher gives explanation briefly for each variable, choose the words which is easy to be understood and this process stands until the end of the research. This is the strength of the research. This introduction will be better if the researcher gives the problem. What is the problem of Bangladesh’s students in teaching English language and the fact is given to proof...
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