Reading Assesment 2

Topics: United States, Economic development, Development Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: November 16, 2014
1. What factors account for world poverty? How could development strategies bring about constructive change? The factors of the world poverty are low productivity, insufficient capital, and lack of human services. Chronic global poverty has resisted development and industrialization has major negative impacts on natural environments are how development strategies bring about constructive change.

2. Do outside interventions provide substantial capital, enabling the typical developing country to improve its per capita GNI? Why or why not? No because they do not generate enough growth to begin self-sustained development.

3. Look at the picture on page 112 of your textbook. How old do you think the children are? What will they be doing once the pails are filled with water? Given the fact that children have important roles in helping their families survive, what prerequisites must exist for population control policies to be successful? I am going to say between 4 and 6. Once the pails are full they will carry the pails back to their families. I am a strong believer that if you can’t afford to take care of your children you shouldn’t be having them, whether that be in a foreign country or here in America. There are ways to prevent having children.

4. In your opinion, should U.S. development policies be based on liberal economies, dependency, or participatory development? Why do you think so? What assumption does your view reflect about the role of the United States fostering world development? Liberal economies because it uses the supply and demand strategy. If you go to a country and build business it also gives them job that they need. I am for the United States fostering world development, if they go and help out other countries, it in turn could help us out.
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