Reforming Globalization

Topics: Economic development, Economy, Economics Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: August 5, 2014

“Reforming Globalization”

Ivonne Daisy Salazar Hurtado
MGMT 3105V GBC – Global Business in the 21st Century
Walden University
Alexandra Salas
August 3, 2014

Globalization is an objective with which all companies include nowadays; the global expansion allows firms to increase their profitability and thus consequently the profit growth. As the article mentions the pursuit of a just society involves carefully balancing two contradictory necessities with regard to the corporate sector. Since corporations are responsible for much of the wealth and many of the jobs in a modern economy, at the same time, however, even as the corporate sector is fostered, justice and fairness require that these firms not be permitted to exercise disproportionate power, that is for getting the best employees and with that increase the profit growth. When people talk about the company in the best way this increase the profitability for this company that which one uses in a bad way its power or act wrong with customers or employees. Global expansion arises because of the need to encourage the corporate sector, which is rooted in the fact that corporate-driven economic development dramatically raises living standards and thereby reduces the injustices associated with deprivation. Similarly, the people who live in poor countries legitimately seek the broadly distributed improved levels of health, education, and material comfort that are promised by a future of economic development, globalization allows this economic development of countries around the world, and companies to increase and create more franchises need this development. Furthermore, the people need to get better living conditions, and obtaining a global country increase the offers for employees and with that people get better living conditions as it said. The rules governing the global economy emerge from multilateral talks that reflect the bargaining power of the negotiating...
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