Reinventing Govenment

Topics: Government, Sovereign state, Political philosophy Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: January 30, 2012

Economics drive the force structure within government especially today as we live in a environment of fiscal instability and speculation. Government reinvention is something that I have been a part of while I was deployed for a year in Iraq during the invasion 2003. Reinventing/changing the concepts of the governments is not an easy task, the cultures are the main part of countries and it cannot be overlooked when trying to change the mindset of governmental organizations. The concept of reinventing government however has been in practice in the private sector since the mid 1980's where it is more commonly referred to as business process reengineering or simply reengineering (Schneider, 2009).

Architecture, Machinery and Privatization

The architecture of reinvention has been driven by new ideas of growth by limiting or cutting the cost and force of government. Within this efficiency focus attention is not shifted towards democracy, but to empowerment through business. Within these practices it would seem as if in the beginning phases of reinvention that things will change, and some will change for the better. Though without detailed accountability, social justice in democracy will be overlooked. In the last quarter of a century, since the movement for the reinvention of government began, we have moved away from the concept of government to governance and we have witnessed some spectacular changes that have done much to make government more effective, transparent, and innovative. However, the discourse on new governance is somewhat limited and does not adequately address the concerns of developing societies (Thompson, 1998). The machinery of government, as defined by Shafritz, Russell and Borick (2009) are the infra-structures of local, state and national governments that allow for the legally mandated delivery of programs and services. Government will be a part of society, and will continue to guide citizens within the confines of law....

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