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Topics: Government, Sovereign state, State Pages: 4 (823 words) Published: December 1, 2012
|REQUEST FOR ORDERS (RFO) WORKSHEET FOR INPUT IN RLAS | |DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVAVY ACT | |Authority: Title 10, U.S. Code 672D and U.S. Code 275 | |Principal Purpose: To determine eligibility and schedule individuals for training on requested date. | |Routine Uses: To identify the applicant as a Reserve Component Soldier and to issue active duty training orders. | |Disclosure: Completing this form is mandatory for individuals applying for orders. | |NAME: (LAST, FIRST, M.I.) |2.RANK: | |ROCKEMORE, MIRIAM E |CIV | |3. EMAIL ADDRESS: anthony.rockemore@AKO |4. HOME OF RECORD: 2732 Axe Factory RD, Philadelphia, PA 19152 | |5. UNIT IDENTIFICATION CODE: |6. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: 177-60-7913 | |WZ3DAA | | |7....
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