rich country should help poor country

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Rich countries should help poorer countries
With the development of technology and business, the world become smaller and smaller. Many countries in economically developed. However, there are still many countries are poor. These people in poor countries need help, and many rich countries can give a hand to the poor countries for two reasons. One is to promote the communicatin on many aspects likes culture and trade. The another one is to stimulate the development of poor countries to support people’s life.

Opponents of this position argue that rich countries have no responsibility to help poor countries because the poor countries have no effect on rich countries. However, the argement is a weak one, because many poor countries are heavily indebted, if they can not develop, they may not have ability of pay back to some rich countries.

Firstly, rich countries should help poorer countries because it can build a relationship between rich and poorer countries on communication. Both of them can know more about culture from each other. Meanwhile, on trade, many poorer countries produce raw materials and agricultural products, rich countries can import these kinds of products from poorer countries.

Secondly, helpping poorer countries can promote their economic development and many people can support their families. Many poor countries, such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, a larger number of people have no enough food, and many people die because of hunger. Besides, many children can not get education. Give aid to poorer countries means help self, maybe someday rich countries will get aid from poor countries.

In conclusion, developed countries have responsibility to help poorer countries. In order to improve poorer countries’ communication with developed countries and their economy, developed should assist to them. In the futrue, poorer countries should develop their own technology and learn successful experiences from developed countries....
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