Rising China

Topics: Africa, Economic development, Human rights Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: February 17, 2015
Skye Stiner
Dr. Brown
International Relations
Rising China
With China rising to becoming a super power in the global economy the likeliness of a changing planet is becoming a reality. Having the world’s largest population of over 1.3 billion citizens, it vastly out numbers the United States.(Amnesty International) In this essay I will be discussing the pros and cons of China becoming a big time player in the global economy and overall wellbeing of our planet. Projections show that China will soon become the world’s largest economy. But what does that actually mean? Because of China’s immense population they have the ability to produce and export a large amount of goods to other countries. As well as exporting, China has the funds to import billions worth of raw material. This explains the sharp rise in Chinese interest in the continent. As a result the trade between China and the African continent has reached a record high volume of $55 billion. (Monshipouri) Even though there is room for corruption, more money in Africa will in turn lead to a better quality of life. China’s engineers have come up with the idea to build a petroleum refinery and cement factory in Chad, which are both essential for a landlocked country to thrive. (Broadman) Chinese officials argue that it will lower gas and cement prices, which are among the highest in the poverty-stricken African continent. This could indeed be more effective in reducing poverty than efforts of the World Bank and other donors combined. (Monshipouri) But this good intention raises a key question: Will China’s willingness to assist these African countries without regard to fiscal prudence, democracy, honest business practices, and respect for human rights generate a replay of the past flaky booms, enriching local elites? Even though there are 208 million people in China still living on less than a dollar a day the rising economy should help improve that statistic. (Dr. Brown) Importing raw goods from...

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