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1The role played by agriculture to economic development
Agriculture is the dominant activity of poor countries such as Zimbabwe, which enhance our understanding of the dualistic. In the amplification of agriculture in economic development, a leading question is how agriculture contributes to economic growth and there seems to be a paradox in the role of agriculture in economic development. A well- known economist Simon Kuznets played an imperative role in coming up with the roles of agriculture to economic development; these embrace labour contribution, foreign exchange contribution and the market contribution. The agricultural sector has preserved its position in the contribution to Zimbabwe’s economic growth as seen by its appreciable contribution to the national Gross Domestic Product. For example, it has been eminent that the agricultural sector has made a convincing contribution to the national fiscus which was disturbed by unreliable rainfall patterns which hit some parts of the country in the last season. Also, agriculture has maintained pole position in terms of its input to economy’s growth, having contributed 33, 9 per cent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product in year 2010. Labour contribution, as one of the major macro-economic objectives of any government to diminish unemployment, agriculture plays a trivial role in economic development through the transfer of labour from the agricultural sector to other sectors of the economy, particularly to the industrial sector. In Zimbabwe agricultural sector stipulates income and employment not far from 60% to 70% of the total population, consequently agriculture is indeed an economy’s beef in Zimbabwe. Simon Kuznets also emphasized that the marginal productivity of labour is zero or close to zero, which means that when the marginal productivity of labour is zero, we can use the available labour that is from agricultural sector without affecting other sectors of the economy, which then advantage the...
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