role of agriculture in nigeria

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The term “Agriculture” has been subjected to different definitions by various experts. As a result Ighodo (1984: 20) defined agriculture as the art and science of the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals for man’s use. He also emphasized that agriculture is also the production of fibres for industries, processing of farm produce, packaging and marketing of farm products. This definition is quite embracing as it covers all activities that ensure man’s survival. However, the aspect of research and training that is so vital in production was conspicuously missing in the definition. In order to fill this gap, Ogwuma (1985: 5-8) defines agriculture as production of field crops, forestry, fishing and livestock, research and training of extension workers.

Production is only complete when it gets to the final consumers. It is in response to this economic doctrine that Anyanwu (1987:102) defined agriculture as involving cultivation of land, raising and rearing of animals for the purpose of providing food for man, feed for animals and raw materials for industries. It involves forestry, fishing, processing and marketing of these agricultural products.

Komolafe (1985), Adegoye (1985) and Adubi (2000) defined agriculture as the cultivation of soil for crop production and of looking after animals to produce better meat and other food products and also a process by which farm products are sold.

Simon Kuznet (1973) defined economic growth as a long term rise in the capacity to supply increasingly diverse economic goods to its population. It entails a sustainable rise in national output which is a manifestation of economic growth.

To Anyanwu (1997), the role of agriculture in transforming both the social and economic framework of an economy cannot be over-emphasized. In...
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