Role of Government in Social Welfare

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A Government consists of group of people who govern a state. The proper governing of state plays a very important role in the development of a country. The government should take all necessary steps for the betterment of the country and its people. A democratic country is for the people, by the people and to the people. Therefore government of any country should act wisely for the development of the community. Social welfare is a policy in which the well being of a society at large is the main target. It includes every class/group of people in the society i.e. children, women, the disabled, old etc and the basic standard of living is guaranteed to every one. ROLE OF SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT OF MIZORAM

Social Welfare was created as a small wing under Education Department during 1973 – 74 with one State Social Welfare Officer, one District Social Welfare Officer and a skeleton supporting staff. During 1974-75, the Social Welfare Wing was strengthened by posting one Programme Officer. Today, as many as 506 staff belonging to different grades is working in the Department, covering the whole of Mizoram. The Department of Social Welfare has been taking up various schemes for the upliftment of women and children, handicapped persons, old age persons, management of correctional institutions and social defense, strengthening of voluntary organizations and development of rural infrastructure. SCHEMES AND PROGRAMMES

The Govt. of India, Ministry of Women & Child Development has formulated a new Centrally Sponsored Scheme – “Integrated Child Protection Scheme” (ICPS) with the objective to provide a safe and secure environment to the children in the country who are in need of care and protection as well as children in conflict with law. The intervention includes, inter-alia, financial support for setting up and / or maintenance of Homes for children in need of care and protection and those in conflict with law, setting up of child protection structure – state child protection society, capacity building, advocacy etc. 2) DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION AND CONTROL

Mizoram is vulnerable because of its extensive International borders and its proximity to ' Golden Triangle' where more than 20 % of the World's Heroin drug is reportedly produced. The problem of drug abuse has been a matter of serious concern affecting all sections of the people. The problem is not only an urban phenomenon but is spreading to smaller towns and interior villages. 3) ADOPTION

Adoption Cell has been set up to coordinate, regulate and monitor the works of adoption and to render all assistance to the advisory Board on adoption. To cater to the problems of orphans and destitute children in Mizoram in a child centric way and with the guidance of Centre Adoption Recourse Agency, the Social Welfare Department sponsor a Home under Friends of Society as an Adoption Agency for the purpose of child welfare. 4) RESIDENTIAL INSTITUTE AND TRAINING CENTRE

Residential Institute and Training Centre (RITC) also known as Home for Women in Distress was established in the year 1989 under the Dep’t of Social Welfare Govt of Mizoram. The Primary objective of RITC is to rehabilitate women who are in need of care, protection and training for their security and self-employment. The intention for establishing RITC is to rehabilitate women who are victims of circumstances who get involved in situations where they are socially and economically deprived, discarded and handicapped by giving them shelter, care, treatment and training to enable them to take care of themselves. Ways of Rehabilitation:

1) Providing Certificate Course in Tailoring and Embroidery. 2) Providing shelter, food and lodging.
3) Counseling - Social Works approach
4) Organizing religious camping.
5) After finishing the course, for economic rehabilitation, they are provided with sewing machines basic tools for tailoring and a...
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