Role of Media in Democracy

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Democracy…..People’s rights……These words have really a very different meaning than the meaning understood in the present. Media plays a very huge role in deciding the art and act of democracy. But,in general every one of us will have a feeling that the media is not doing their duties properly. Lets just analyze the role and responsibility of media in Indian democracy in a few lines as follows. Media is indeed a very powerful tool. In olden days people tend to believe in the news which media delivers around the country. So,when something was published or telecast in media one could infer the truth very easily. But,conditions have changed erratically and dramatically. This is MODERN INDIA my friends. So,when every possible things and every possible fields were subjecting to changes these past days….why not the Media??? So,the one question that needs to be answered is did the changes affected media? The answer would be a very big yes. But,the sad thing is these changes are so big that even people think that the responsibility of media has changed a lot.. so,What is the responsibility of media?

1. The first and foremost responsibility of media is to serve as an interface between the government and common man in this democracy….to serve as a bridge. ARE THEY DOING IT?
2. The second responsibility would be to bring all possible things into light… ARE THEY DOING IT?
3. The third responsibility is to help people in nourishing their rights and realizing their responsibility in a democracy. ARE THEY DOING IT?
The answer for the above questions will be unfortunately a very big NO.. When we analyze this matter, Media do serve as interface but not the interface between a common man and the government. The media has also indeed become a very big business. So,every media channel is looking for more TRP ratings more than some reputation. So,people lost belief in them. The media which once considered the most powerful tool has now become one of the many business sectors. The...
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