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Topics: Sociology, Economic development, Economic growth Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: June 26, 2014
Role Of Society in Development Of India
Social reforms and modifications are key to the progress of India. Removal of social evil and prejudices can lead us to the glory of development. Every class of society needs to realise each other’s importance and necessity towards a developed society. There are many ways to achieve this. General awareness and campaigning can fulfil our dreams. Therefore everybody can contribute towards a prosperous society. The reforms can be through socio- economic, cultural, educational and atmospheric development. Education should me made free and compulsory. Only in this way, there will be an educated class who can realise the necessity of various aspects and problems of society. In the mean time qualitative and moral education is also highly essential. So in my views sufficient funds should be raised for the development of education. Medical facilities should me made free and accessible to all because a healthy society can lead to a prosperous environment and can fulfil its economic growth. Economic prosperity can be achieved through creating job oppurtunities and providing different income sources. All we have to do is to arrange and raise handsome funds for all. Per capita income of people should be increased. People must hav access to public facilities and free drinking water. Social superstitions and prejudices mus be weeded out. Same thinking and same motto should be followed to generate equality. Same rules and regulations must be sanctioned for equality of all. Agriculture, industries and tertiary activities should be enhanced. All types of communications and transports must be available to all. Government must provide sufficient funds and privileges for the development of backward and under privileged classes. Women empowerment and economic strengthening should be the prime policies. The people also have to do a lot. They must set their mindset that all are equal. Each and everyone should have respect and understanding for...
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