Role of Young Minds in Shaping India’s Path Towards Becoming a Superpower

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Role of Young Minds in shaping India’s path towards becoming a Superpower

Name : Dhruv Tripathi
College Name : University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun Course : B.A.LL.B. 3rd Semester
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Young generation now has a lot of responsibility in making India a Super Power. We have done well in certain aspects; however, we need to go a very long way still. The growth in GDP, growth in Exports, employment opportunities, increase in literacy, reduction in poverty etc. itself cannot make India a Super Power. Many would agree that India is rich, but, Indians are poor. We need to manage the growth properly and we need to ensure that all Indians prosper and Human Rights are protected. The increasing gap between rich and poor is not good for the country and it results in revolution one-day and system will get affected if people resort to extremism. It is very important to concentrate on infrastructure development in the Country in order to attract FDI and in order to support Industry which creates plenty of employment opportunities. But, there won’t be any meaning for the development unless we are able to provide certain basic things to the citizens of this country. In India, with cast playing a big role and with lot of poverty and as every citizen has a right to vote, there is scope for muscle power and money power in politics rather ability and commitment to serve the people.  The younger generation can not stay away from politics just because politics are corrupt and they should be mature enough to understand things and to serve the people. There are many issues we need to concentrate and it is the responsibility of younger generation to take the challenge and to act in a matured way rather resorting to extremism or pessimism.  I would like to express my views on few challenging issues in this country : Youth into Politics:

Many people criticize politicians so easily and we talk about...
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