Rural Tourism in China

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Effects of Chinese Rural Tourism
Tourism has substantially developed in some developing countries such as China. “Nong Jia Le” (Chinese rural tourism) is now a indispensable way to increase income in some rural areas. There are more than 1.5 million tourist destinations of “Nong Jia Le” from 31 provinces in China, and the economic benefit is very considerable (Guo, 2009). It is crucial for Chinese local governments to decide whether the rural areas should continue to develop the tourism or focus more on other ways to develop because of the negative impacts and existing problems of tourism. Scholars have different perspectives on this question: Some scholars believe that developing tourism is still the most effective way to help the low-income people while some scholars hold a different perspective and they find the limitation of the development of rural tourism. Scholars like Su (2011) focus on rural socio-economic regeneration and believe rural tourism has a great contribution. Ke (2011), however, holds a different view that the economic benefit of the great upsurge in rural tourism will gradually instil little optimism. Chinese rural tourism’s general impacts actually depend on many factors. Although the negative impacts and the limitation of this industry exist, rural tourism can effectively drive economic development and enhance comprehensive strength including hard power and soft power of a developing area. The life in developing areas of China has a great improvement and the income of local people has sharply increased after the emergence of rural tourism. This fact can’t be neglected but Ke (2011) looks beyond the great upsurge in rural tourism and according to Ke’s perspective, over-development of rural tourism may lead to overproduction in rural market and over-dependence on tourism is not conducive to steady development of agriculture. During the peak tourist season, over-load operation of tourist facilities becomes a key problem while idle tourist...

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