Ruth Chris Case Study Analysis

Topics: Financial crisis, Government, Bank run Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: October 9, 2012
1.Dissection maker is the vise-president for Ruth’s Chris business development Her responsibility is to make the most profit for the shareholders of Ruth’s restaurant.

2.The mean problem is fir Hannah to decide where to go to next. This is significant because make business international could make a lot of profit and make the company more famous. An external situation that does not allow for quick is expansion is the worldwide economic crisis. Disposable income has reduced greatly and has resulted in conservative consumer behavior. Also, the credit crunch reduces consumer liquidity and causes an internal challenge. The credit crunch also prevents Ruth’s Chris from borrowing in order to expand. Hannah can hold of his expansion plans till the market gets better or scale back. Another external variable that is to be considered by Hannah are political. Many of the prospective countries that he hoped to enter did not allow the importation of US beef. Therefore, Hannah must either break down these political barriers or find another method for procuring this resource. An internal challenge for Ruth’s Chris is deciding exactly how they are going to expand into new markets, and expand in general. They must consider what mode of entry they are going to take. They can alleviate this challenge by thorough market research and choosing the proper mode of entry.

3This is arisen because the company opened their first franchises in 1976, then it has total of 92 restaurants within US and 7 more outside US. The decision maker Dan Hannah has becoming VP since June 2004; therefore, she is involved from the beginning.

4They have to decide where to go next as soon as passable for making more profit.

Political stability should be added to the list of variables. An instable government could lead to problems for a Ruth’s Chris franchise in that country. The restaurant would go through a hard time get the proper clearance to set up operations, war could break out and a...
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