Sample Lesson Using the Inductive Approach

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sample lesson: simple future

June 5th, 2012

This sample lesson is made for beginners (kids) for explaining simple future with an inductive approach. Using some visual aids to get the attention of the students through examples like, dialogs, conversations, images and videos. Teaching in a generative situation, which follows the real world is used in order to generate a real environment to make students experience like in the real life. Making students apply the language in the real situation is the most crucial. This means that the purpose of learning language is to realize how to use it correctly in a right situation. Natural language acquisition means that learning a language at an environment of non-intervention, the best approach of experimental learning is that situates the learner at the environment which is full of our foreign language, and it’s as the acquisition of our first language.

Simple Lesson: Teaching simple future through dialogs. (begginers) The teacher shows a video of a trip, taken from a website to the students, using it as the introduction of the simple future with appropriate vocabulary to the group. (Places, food, activities). Step 1.

The teacher plays a little conversation about a trip.
Mary: What will you do in your summer vacations?
Paul: I will go to the beach with my family.
Mary: Will you go to a Mexican beach?
Paul: Yes, I will. I will travel to Cancun. And what will you travel the next vacations? Mary: No, I won’t. I just will stay here.
Paul: Oh, I will bring you something from Cancun.
Mary: thanks!

Then the teacher asks them: what are they talking about?
* Last weekend
* Next weekend
* Every weekend
Then he gives some seconds to the students to think about the answer. Step 2.
Here, the Teacher shows an image in this case it would be a beach and ask students to say some ideas according to the image. For example:
Travel by car
Take pictures
Eat seafood, etc.
Then the...
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