Schema Theory in Learning

Topics: Linguistics, United Kingdom, English language Pages: 3 (424 words) Published: May 17, 2011
Schema Theory

Sociolinguistics, Intercultural Studies, the implementation of ELT in the multicultural classroom.

What are the practical, ethical and cultural implications of English teaching today both to immigrants in the UK and to the export of Western English teaching methods? In answering this question also under consideration is the implication of the wide ranging certification of ELT teachers and the accreditation of language schools. Do the methods best serve the multicultural classroom or their governing bodies and publishers?


For this project I will be studying various aspects of English language teaching in the UK and touching on the export of teaching methods abroad. How

I wish to address the issue of whether non-native English teachers can be more or less effective in the ESL language classroom.

I wish to investigate how the ESL student is perceived in the UK and how Londons multicultural ESL students view the importance of their studies.

Notions of linguistic imperialism will be considered and whether pedagogic structures in ELT address concerns in this area.

Qualitative research will be carried out on students at various language schools around London regarding their reasons for studying, motivation and lesson satisfaction.

Research will also be carried out among teachers as to their certification, experience and job satisfaction. Also whether the feel their schools classroom policies are effective.


Initial research and reading of relevant books, articles and journal will be done in June in order to further tighten the scope of the project and to write a draft framework.

Practical research will be carried out and the data analysed in July.

The final draft will be completed by the second week of August followed by any re-writes necessary and then printing and binding.


Problems I cans see arising are in the research elements of the project, this being my first project to incorporate...

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