Second Language Acquisition

Topics: Linguistics, Language acquisition, Second language acquisition Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Second language acquisition
This paper mainly discusses how SLA theories currently influence the EFL textbook design and teaching method. On the whole, SLA theories can be devided into four types: Behaviourism, Innatist Perspective, Cognitive Theories and Sociocultural Theories. Firstly, Behaviourism used to be famous during the 1940s~1970s, which mostly influences in the development of AUDIOLINGUAL teaching materials and in teaching training, linking to the CONTRASTIVE ANALYSIS HYPOTHESIS. Secondly, Innatist Perspective claims that the knowledge of UNIVERSAL GRAMMER is available to second language learners as well as to first language learners, while the most important application of it is Krashen’s ‘monitor model’ which contains five hypotheses. Thirdly, Cognitive Theories view that the language acquisition acts just like a computer storing, integrating and retrieving information. They think there’s no specific module in the brain for language learning and there are general theories of learning which include: Information Processing, Connectionism and The Competition Model. Finally, Sociocultural Theories hold that people can build up knowledge together and perform at higher level when they get support from other interlocuters. Interaction can help people improve the development of cognitive process, as knowledge is internalized during social life. next, I will introduce the design of two EFL books pointing at one grammar point, which are influenced by different second language acquisition theories. Grammar Point: Present Tenses

Text book 1: Inside Out Student’s Book ( intermediate )
This lesson on present tenses begins with presenting a list of some interesting questionairs which include examples of these grammatical structures for the students to think about which one is true for their partners. The second activity illustrates some sentences which use present tenses, while encouraging the students to think and decide which tense is each one in....
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