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Topics: Government, Nazism, Nineteen Eighty-Four Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: October 6, 2014
Brave New World Revisited Secondary Source Assignment
Van Dantzich’s review starts with an opening argument that Brave New World is not a “satiric fable, but a closely observed and closely reasoned appraisal of present-day trends” (115). The second paragraph reflects upon the post-war era and the state of deterioration the world is in. He argues that democratic governments are just as freedom-gutting as totalitarian regimes. As he reflects on Huxley’s concept of over-population and diminishing natural resources, he states that “this will lead…for a demand that the government assume additional powers to control the situation” (115). Van Dantzich agrees that over-organization is an evil that accompanies over-population, and eventually leads to autonomy.

Van Dantzich also shares his ideas about modern communications through an example of the Nazi Regime. Van Dantzich writes that “[b]y massive propaganda such as that practised [sic] by the Nazis and by such modern techniques as brain-washing, the dictator will be able to condition his subjects and make them accept their servitude not only willingly, but cheerfully” (116). Van Dantzich points out that Huxley believes that democratic and totalitarian regimes both use drugs and brainwashing through products being sold by appealing to the desire of the common man to be powerful or beautiful. Van Dantzich goes on to refute the idea of running out of resources and energy by acknowledging the advancements in alternative energy solutions such as solar and tidal energy. Furthermore, Van Dantzich denies that the “setting up of small isolated groups of like-minded individuals will not be possible on account of the shortage of available

land” (116). He also writes that the men running for political office tend to view humans as only political and social when devising their propaganda slogans. Van Dantzich shows supports of Huxley’s reflection by saying that “he has brought us face to face with the problems” (118)....
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