Shanghai Gone Book Review

Topics: Government, Historic preservation Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: December 16, 2013

Book Review - Shanghai Gone

This book is a harsh criticism China's housing reform system for destroying its own people, written by the author who observes China from liberal's point of view. The author, Qin Shao wrote for those people who want to learn about the large-scale housing revolution in China throughout crucial experiences that citizens have gone through. It criticize the demolition and relocation system, questioning the level of morals. In introduction, he gives concretely negative words of China's abusing housing system and as he explains the historical process in order. For instance, Shao describes the government's policies and its corruption as “crucial,” “distrustful,” and he even calls them as “ugly twins.” There are five chapters in this book; each chapter represents different victim's experience of domicide. They are all based on the author's long-term field research, focused and detailed in their several kinds of historical backgrounds, such as personal, family and community. He was able to find that each “unique individual” had gone through different lives and their behavior was based on “their self-perceived identity, their values, their relationships to their homes, and their understanding of the reform.” In Chapter 1, he writes about the woman who used to be a timid kindergarten teacher and was betrayed by the petition system, which she was seeking justice. According to her family, her personality changed since she had had her eyes opened to become a petitioner and fight back for her family, herself, and justice. She gives her pride up for gathering public's attention in front of the local government office; her high motivation became other citizens' source of power. Chapter 2 is about the families who lost their homes and about their family history. Chapter 3 explains the outstanding case of neighborhood resistance to domicide in downtown Shanghai, involving a corruption scandal that compromises with the Shanghai CCP party boss...
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