She Walks In Beauty

Topics: Linguistics, Poetry, Debut albums Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: March 23, 2015
1. Why do so many people think of this as a love poem, when the speaker never once mentions being in love? So many people think of this as a love poem because the poet I stalking about a girl in a way that is showing how he feels so he is using word choice.

2. Why does the poet compare the woman to "night" instead of to "day"? The poet compares woman to night and not day because the night is beautiful.

3. The poem emphasizes that the woman's beauty has to do with the harmonious blending of light and dark in her features. Does the speaker believe one better than the other? Why or why not, and how can you tell? What do you think? The speaker believes that neither is better because he’s not saying they are not beautiful in the light. I think this because he has his different ways of describing the girl with bath.

4. Most critics believe that the woman described in this poem is Byron's cousin by marriage, Lady Wilmot Horton, whom he met at a party the night before writing this piece. If that's true, why doesn't he mention his subject by name? Does your interpretation of the poem change, knowing that it may have been inspired by a specific woman? How so? Yes because I know when I first read it, it was about a girl that he met somewhere and fell in love, but now I know that it’s his cousin by marriage and it’s kind of weird.

5. The visual imagery in the poem centers on the theme of light/dark. List specific examples from the language of the poem. What is different about the use of light/dark than you might expect? The use of light and dark is different because this poem is not talking about light as good and dark as bad it’s using the two to show the beauty of the girl being talked about. For example the poet said “She walks in beauty like the right of cloudless climes and starry skies”.

6. What is Byron saying about this woman? Is there more than one level of meaning here? If so, what is your interpretation of the deeper meaning? Using specific...
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