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Topics: Critical thinking, Economic development, Problem solving Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: June 26, 2015
DELA FUENTE, Airah Nerissa M.
Topic: Education
Question: What is education and how does this affect the development of a country?

Education has always been one of the concerns of a country, and it has often been the center of many issues that a country face. It is therefore quite obvious how a country values it, knowing how important education is to the growth and development of its economy. This can be seen, for example, in the allocation of the government’s budget. In 2014, the Department of Budget and Management allocated ₱383.08 billion to the education and manpower development, ₱309.43 billion of this went to the Department of Education and this made it both the department and sector that received the highest allocation. (Official Gazette, 2013)

But what really is education? Aristotle viewed education as not only improving intellectual knowledge but also developing one’s character leading to a better life. He believed that areas of knowledge such as mathematics, science and the like have an effect on the intellectual capacity of a person in a way that it improves his deductive reasoning and rational thinking. In addition, he also believed that the attainment of knowledge also builds a person’s character, as can be seen in gymnastics. He stressed that gymnastics can play an important role in the development of sportsmanship in a person and creating the foundation for compassion, discipline and good habits. (Farooq, 2011) If all these developments both in intellect and character applied to every citizen in an economy, then that country could be well on their way to development.

As we can see in some development theories, development could mean a shift from production of agricultural goods to production of manufactured goods leading to an industrialized economy which would enable a country to compete globally. (Todaro, 2012) This would require adaptation of the current technology (i.e., investment in newly developed machines), and...

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