Should Government Provide Health Care to Everyone Living in That Conutry

Topics: Health care, Sovereign state, Government Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: December 16, 2012
As the structure of population is tending to be older and older,in China,more and more people need to achieve the health care.However,at the same time people also the fee of seeing a doctor or going to a hospital is too expensive to afford.They look forward to the government could be a leader to insure their health as well as provide health care to every citenzen.I really agree this idea for several reasons.

First of all,without citenzen and all the common people,the government is nonmeaningful,they pay tax for constructing country and contribute a lot.If an old people who had worked so hard for the public although just being an ordinary farmer,he still contributed much for our conutry,planting crops,giving much power for the development of agriculture,wherera when he became too old,he couldn’t afford for his fee for curing his disease,it was so pity and sympathitic.As a smart government should take resposiblity to ensure all their citenzen to have a happy and stable.

In addtion,building up a system of health care centre is not only for people to keep fit and decrease the spread of illnesses,but also it is a good policy to console people’s metal so as to construct the honmary society.In China,a great number of people need to manage and support,they are the basement of the future of development.According to the historical experience,if government have no capability to ensure their people’s health and physical bodies,it will not get affirmation and exsit just for a short time.After all,health body represents power and passion,without it,all the dreams and aims would become empty.Only does government think about a lot of their citenzen,they will repay to their conutry as well as have a capabilty to reinfore their matherland.

Fortheremore,in spite of the scholarship or other awards to help students to get education,to the morjority of chinese family,the fee of going to university still take up a big number of parents disposal storage, parents requeir to...
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