Should the Government Control Access to Information on the Internet?"

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Given the candidates' responses to the question
"Should the government control access to information on the internet?" Who would receive my vote? Why?

Should the government control access to information on the internet? No, I believe if government controlled what was on the internet it would be like the Nazi control all over again, where the people are not free and cannot express themselves. It would go against our freedom and be impossible to control. My vote would go to candidate three, because he isn't only rite he's stating the most obvious and true point.

A democracy must allow individuals the freedom to express ideas and beliefs. If the government starts to censor the internet they are taking away from our natural rights. Even if the government would pass the law to restrict what is advertised on the internet who would decide who gets to put stuff up, and what is acceptable?

It also would be practically impossible to control the internet from a government standpoint. The government cannot control what the world has access to view or add to. With no other reasonable options, society must trust in the good judgment of internet users. It is the responsibility of such users to avoid accessing improper information. There would have to be many people working around the clock to be setting up firewalls, and other security measures for the time we live in there are hackers just looking for a new challenge. The government could try to set up a firewall to block inappropriate things but it is a bit to advance for the technology we have right now.

The government would restrict our freedoms an individual if they censored the internet from all inappropriate information. . The government also cannot control what the world has access to view or add to.
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