Should the Government Offer Gas Money for College Students?

Topics: Federal government of the United States, Education, Government Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Today gas money is a need which is on everyone's mind. People stress over it every day; especially college students that don't receive any help from the government. The question is whether the government should offer gas money for college students or not? Some people believe that financial aid is enough help. While others citizens disagree. However, I believe that the government should provide gas money for college students because undergraduates need to work less. Therefore, their grades will improve; it would make it easier for more students to go to their classes and there will be more college graduates for U.S. First of all, we all understand how hard working while in school can be. However, most students have to work for their personal expenses, including gas money to go to school, which is an expensive need nowadays. Even if the student is a part-time worker he will undoubtedly have a negative impact on his grades. Some students have late night jobs, notwithstanding their morning classes. As a consequence, the tired student won't learn as much as he could. Yet, many undergraduates would more than likely have to work still. It could be for some other reasons like family or personal needs, excluding gas money; but if it's provided, it will definitely help a lot. Hence, students will have enough money for their needs, more time to study, they will not have to work harder nor stress over it. Also, a quite common reason for students to miss their classes or don't attend school at all is often caused by the lack of gas money. Gas prices are getting up constantly, and it's tricky to have a social life without all of your money evaporating from your wallet. Sometimes being a student does pay off. Even though the difficulty of coming to class, most college students try their best to do so, and it’s harder for those who don’t receive any help. These are some conflicts that make students feel forced to miss their classes. Bad college attendance may then increase the...
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