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Gender Trait Chart

Complete the chart by listing seven traits you believe are associated with male or female behavior. Examine the differences of these traits between genders. Identify whether the differences are biological, social, inherent, or learned. Explain why.

Gender Trait

What are the trait differences between genders?
Are the trait differences biological or social? Are the traits inherent or learned? Why?

Women are more nurturing than men re. They show signs of being more emotional and caring. inherent and learned it seems to be associated with genetics but also through the expectations of society- women are expected to be more nurturing and caring.

Women are sympathetic then men are however some males have carry the same trait Learned and inherent women tend to be more sympathetic and nurturing which is mostly learned but can also be inherent.

More of a male trait, being dominant tends to show the male is in charge. Inherent and learned this trait can be inherited but also learned men are obligated to be more “macho” and being dominant proves masculinity.

Male trait
Inherent and learned men are suppose to be rough and show fearlessness in some sort of way, this is the perspective from society.

Risk takers
Men are more risk takers than women are they are more aggressive and rough than women are and desires an adrenaline rush Inherent and learned
Leadership abilities

Both male and female trait
Learned people assume that men are more likely to become leaders but that is because women have not been given the opportunity to do so.

Female trait
Learned and inherent females are taught to be delicate and gentle. They are taught to be wellmannered and behaved oppose to males. Males can act more freely than women can without being judged.
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