Social Cultural Hinder Socio-Economic Developments in the Pacific Societies.

Topics: Economic development, Sociology, New Zealand Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: August 22, 2010

It is evident that the social and economic developments in the South Pacific societies are hindered by their social and cultural system. Religious beliefs and Traditional land tenure are a few of the major obstacles to ways in which development can be well planned and implemented. Religious beliefs can neglect an individual’s financial needs, limiting ones performance, promote incompetence in the workforce and restrict tourist movement while on the other hand, limitation on traditional land tenure system as it is with Tonga, Tonga discourages foreign and local investors and this hindered infrastructure development also contributing to increasing unemployment.

South Pacific societies are known for their strong religious beliefs that contribute much to their culture however, it can be a threat to its social development. Upon the acceptance of Christianity it is believed that Pacific Islanders adjusted their way of life accordingly as per teachings of their new religion and make it a significant culture of today. This is evident in culture similarities within the region. For instance, dress codes (cover up) as well as The Law of Sabbath. Tourists are encouraged to dress appropriately in public places. Law of Sabbath is still practiced in most parts otherwise stated. Tourists and private investors may find this hard to follow or may be annoying. Some individual strong believers pledge not to work on Sunday even if extra money is needed. This contributes to lack of manpower in the workforce on Sunday. A church can be given free land by a follower as a token of his/her commitments to God where as it can be used for investing. Tonga is the only country in the South Pacific society that Law of Sabbath is still enforced. Any kind of entertainment activity and business trade are prohibited thus contributing more to the slow growth of their economical development.

In addition, traditional land system tenure within the South Pacific society poses a major obstacle to...
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