Social Media's Effect on Democracy

Topics: Government, Democracy, Representative democracy Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: December 8, 2013

Democracy: Weighing the Negatives and Positives

Iman Mustafa

Democracy has set the standard for an ideal government today. Many nations today have achieved this glorified form of governing. Democracy in its own way is a procedural system, in by which the people set the steps and the government enforces them. This system consists of elections in which “representatives” are elected in all positions of government for a set period of time. During said time, they are obligated to fulfill and aid the public’s needs to the best of their ability. In today’s international community an image of good vs. evil has been painted to represent the nations which embody the democratic system good against those who don’t follow the system . Democracy in itself has become a very controversial topic in the sense that it’s not really a true representation of the citizens. The criticism towards democracy dates back to pre-Christ times, where Aristotle viewed democracy as something that is not for the greater good but as a gateway to the poor (who held majority) to take away from the wealthy. Moreover, there has become a growing trend within nations worldwide, mainly from African and South American origin, where governments claim to hold a democratic system. Yet in most cases these nations can only really be considered as an elected dictatorship, is much different from a true democracy. However, the criticism of the democracy lacks to triumph over the much more evident advantages that are a result of this governmental system. While there are many sides to democracy, it is evident that democracy is the best choice to government rule. Thus proving that the statement; “Democracy is the worst form of government ever invented ….except for all the rest” is accurate in its findings.

Democracy is the political system in which the power is within the...
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