Social Welfare

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In the book Social Welfare chapters 1 through 4 the author explains social work and social welfare through a historical view. Social Welfare: A History of the American Response to Need allows us to place our current issues of social concern in their historical setting. The impact of history on recent social welfare issues make us see how our this system seems to go in circles.

The book explains the history of social work and social welfare in the United States beginning in the 18th century. It shows how social conditions and ideas about dependency and poverty have shaped social policy and the efforts of voluntary organizations. The individuals who work with at risk populations are the first signs of social workers we have seen. Coverage of economic developments, the impact of volunteerism help us understand the context of social welfare movements and policies. By examining the forces of social change we can see how health care reform, welfare, and homelessness have changed our country.

In the book Social Welfare the author explains the start of government policies and what people would be eligible. Social policy began from the English Poor Laws originating from the English. After a system was generated the government assembled a list of who were the people that needed the most help, starting with children, the elderly and veterans as the majority of people who are eligible.

The guidelines were set forward but the people who started receiving help started becoming broader. When the economy started to go down the governments aid is the only way for some people to survive but the only problem is that when some become accustomed of not having to work they will make this a lifestyle. Idleness quickly spreads in poverty ridden neighborhoods where jobs are scarce and people are growing impatient of their economic situation.

Veterans are a special class because they have served this country and given up their safety and well-being to protect ours. As veterans...
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