Socio-Economic Problems

Topics: Unemployment, Economics, Ghana Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Mr. Chairman, Panel of Judges, Accurate Time Keeper, Co Debaters’ of the Opposing Views, Fellow Students, Ladies and Gentlemen: Nyarko Lartey Billton is my name and I am very honoured to take part in this august argument. The motion before the house Mr. Chairman is and i quote “the socio-economic problems of Ghana are responsible for indiscipline of the citizens”. Mr. Chairman before i take my stand in this august argument, i would like to explain certain keywords in the motion so that my audience will get a clear idea of what the motion is about. Mr. Chairman, the keywords in the motion are socio-economic problems, responsible, indiscipline and citizens. According to Wikipedia-the free Encyclopaedia, a socio-economic problem refers to the area that governs the misunderstandings and the activities of individuals that shape them as economically inactive. The socio-economic issues are the problems that socioeconomics tackles and the factors that have negative influence on the individuals' economic activity. Such issues are lack of education, ignorance, cultural and religious discrimination, overpopulation, unemployment, poverty and corruption.

Indiscipline is the disobedience of rules and orders and a manifestation of an outward mark of disrespect in accordance with standing agreements. Indiscipline therefore calls for disrespect, a breach of social order, bad moral behaviour, disregard to self-accepted and self-maintained social values of life. Mr. Chairman, to be responsible means that to be hols accountable for an action or an activity. The 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana defines a citizen as a person who has been accepted as a Ghanaian either by birth, marriage or adoption. The motion therefore means that socio-economic problems are solely responsible for indiscipline of the citizens. From this notion or idea of the motion i would like to go against the motion that socio-economic problems are not responsible for indiscipline of...
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