Soldiers Home

Topics: Short story, Emotion, Ernest Hemingway Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: October 6, 2008
Life Changing Events
Ernest Hemingway in “ Soldier’s Home” represents the life of Harold Krebs as an example of the effects on people and communities as well as a country as a whole caused by wars. There appears to be a blatant lack of respect for the main character from family and friends. This lack of respect is shown through the author’s discussion of a lack of empathy, confidence, and lack of placement. Hemingway shows the reader a view of the returning soldier from war and his clear displacement from “home.”

The lack of empathy is portrayed as Krebs returns from war to see that his hometown’s excitement for the returning soldiers had ended. Hemingway does not divulge why Harold returned home so much later than the other men. People thought Krebs ridiculous for returning home years after the war ended (Para. 3) Krebs along with his family come from a religious background, show Kreb no compassion for the inner struggles he is dealing with. Kreb’s mother if sent off to kill humans may have the same feelings of displacement and confusion. His mother often came in to his room asking about the war, but her attention always wondered (Para. 7). His family chooses to ignore the pain of their son, a hero, that has been in situations they could not possibly understand. Krebs is distancing himself from everyone and needs emotional support.

Krebs felt his experiences at war simple even boring at times diminishing his confidence. Trying to boost his ego he lies about some experiences at war. Instead of enhancing his confidence, his lies were doing more harm to him. The lies led him feeling nausea (Para. 6). Krebs lack of confidence may result from a poor relationship with his father. His father was non-committal (Para. 8). A young man being sent off to war, maybe wanting to please his father, Krebs may have been looking for respect from his father. Throughout the short story Kreb never has a conversation with his father. Kreb avoids going to his fathers office...
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