South Korea v North Korea

Topics: Government, South Korea, Korea Pages: 3 (667 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Devin Traylor
English Comp. 1
24 September, 2014
North Korea and South Korea: Differences and Similarities
While there are some similarities between North and South Korea, there are many differences between these two nations. One might wonder how the singular nation Korea became two separate and very different nations. After World War II, the country split down a middle line, Russia having an influence on the northern half, and the United States having the larger influence on the southern half. This led to the nations developing two entirely different governments, habits, and culture. The first and, probably the most extreme difference between the two countries is their form of Government. Much like the US, South Korea is a democracy with a judicial, legislative, and executive branches. North Korea operates on a form of communism, though it is more similar to a dictatorship. This is often seen as a crude or corrupt way to rule a country, while democracy is a much more widely accepted type of government. This leads directly to the happiness between the two countries, making the North Korean citizens much less happy than the residents of South Korea, who have input on the government and aren’t simply shut out on the words of one man alone. The people of South Korea are average and live a very similar lifestyle to the one we lead. They wake up and go to work or school and come home without any worry of not being able to eat that day. The malnutrition of the citizens of North Korea have led them to have a height average that is three inches shorter than that of their southern counterparts, as well as be notably smaller in weight and stature. This all leads back to the difference in government, the dictator of the country being decided by lineage means that most leaders are not ideal for their job, causing mistakes in financing or even purely problems of pride of arrogance that lead them to believe they deserve the food more than their people....
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