Space Perception

Topics: Linguistics, Phrase, Sentence Pages: 4 (609 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Title: ‘Space perception through English and Vietnamese proverbs and idioms’ Student: Nguyen Huy Dat (ETE29)
Supervisor: Nguyen Thanh Huong Ph.D

1) Rationale
Cognitive linguistics is still a very young branch in comparison to other sciences of language. However, last but not least, this new way of discovering words possibly will become very important in term of examining language phenomenon. Study about space perception is just a small piece of the big ‘cognitive linguistics’ cake, but, in Vietnam it is still new and rare. Thus, it is necessary for Vietnamese scholars to catch up with the new modern trend of linguistics among the world by starting to look at the different aspects of cognitive linguistics. ‘Space perception’ (spatial perception) can very much express the ways different people describe, think and understand their surrounding through their languages. Belonging to different cultures, Western and Eastern, British and Vietnamese must have different ways to express the same concepts or positions in their lives. These differences may be a main source of troubles of Vietnamese students in learning English in general, and in translating in particular. Above are reasons why ‘Space perception’ was chosen as the theme of this research paper.

2) Aims of the study
✓ Studying about space perception in general and in proverbs and idioms in particular. ✓ Analyzing English and Vietnamese space proverbs and idioms ✓ Finding out the differences and similarities between linguistic devices used for expressing space in English and Vietnamese proverbs and idioms ✓ Suggesting solutions in avoiding troubles in editing and translating English and Vietnamese space proverbs and idioms

3) Limitation of the study
In this study, only the English and Vietnamese idioms and proverbs containing words or phrases indicating space or location are focused on.

4) Method of the study
The main...

References: English material
(1) Douglas B.Meehan (2007), The qualitative character of space perception
(2) Martin H. Manser (2007), The Facts On File Dictionary of Proverbs
(3) Nguyen Thi Lam Trang (2009), An analysis of English animal idioms, Graduation Paper
Vietnamese material
(1) Hữu Đạt (2011), Tri nhận không gian, thời gian trong thành ngữ tục ngữ tiếng Việt
(2) Lý Toàn Thắng (2009), Ngôn ngữ học tri nhận – Từ lý thuyết đại cương đến thực tiễn tiếng Việt
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