Spatial Inequality in Australia

Topics: Unemployment, Poverty, Decision making Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: August 18, 2011
Spatial inequality is used to describe the difference in wealth of different geographical regions. This is determined by many factors and is applicable to many different regions. It is the differences and bias in varying districts on a global, national, state and local level. Spatial inequality affects many aspects of peoples’ lives beginning from their wealth and income. From that aspect the effects it places on peoples’ lives broadens to profession, employment, housing, available conveniences and infrastructure. Spatial inequality affects the quality of one’s life in a community and communal infrastructure such as hospitals, schools and public transport. It stems from many things, such as education levels of the people living in the area and education to name a few. Spatial inequality is a term addressing the extremities of the wealthy and those living in poverty. In Australia there have been clear shifts in the spatial composition of Australia’s economic development to favour particular cities and suburbs within those cities. Though it is seen as a negative thing spatial inequality is a vital feature of society and is essential in developing countries for the advance of economic growth and development. However, with the heavy differences between social classes becoming more and more obvious and varying, many groups, governments and individuals are using methods to bridge the gap between the wealthy and poor. Decision making processes have addressed spatial inequality efficiently, though more effective decisions could always be made to lessen spatial inequality and bridge the gap between the wealth of varying suburbs. Spatial inequality in Australia affects many people such as the homeless. It causes a rise in real estate prices in particular suburbs and a lowering in others. Particularly in the inner suburbs of the city, the real estate prices sky rocket as these areas offer the most opportunities in efficient infrastructure, plenty of highly academic...
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