Spy Gate and the Unethical New England Patriots

Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: October 7, 2008
Spy Gate and the Unethical New England Patriots
What is Spy Gate and how does it relate to business ethics? Cheating is considered unethical and the New England Patriots football team is considered a business, right? Then Spy Gate is a great example of bad business ethics. In the beginning of the 2007 football season the New England Patriots, or the New England Cheatriots, as I like to call them, were caught using electronic means to steal signals of opposing teams which violates NFL league rules. The 2007 New England Cheatriots season kicked off against the New York Jets. During the game, NFL security confiscated a video camera and its tape from a New England Cheatriots video assistant, who was allegedly filming the New York Jets coaching staff's play signals on the team's sideline during their season opener. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell considered several severe sanctions against the Cheatriots and their coach before coming to a final decision. On September 13 2007, the New England coach, Coach Bill Belichick, was officially fined $500,000 dollars. The maximum amount allowed under the NFL Constitution and By-Laws for the offense of illegal videotaping. The Cheatriots were also fined $250,000 dollars. Additionally, the Cheatriots forfeited their first round draft pick in the 2008 NFL Draft because they made the playoffs. If the Cheatriots didn’t make the playoffs they would have had to give up a second and third-round draft pick. The New England Cheatriots had been suspected in several previous incidents as well, but there was not enough visual evidence to confirm the suspicion. The league also was reviewing a possible violation into the number of radio frequencies the Cheatriots used during games. The New England Cheatriots’ cheating might have been even more extensive than that. Former NFL players have been quoted saying that they believe Coach Belichick had microphones installed in the shoulder pads of defensive linemen so the Cheatriots could tape other...
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