Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography

Topics: Linguistics, English language, Word Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: November 3, 2010
Sebastian Hernandez

How does Stephen Fry use literary devices to support his purpose in writing Kinetic Typography?

    Language has slowly deteriorated throughout time and Stephen Fry has been able to express this issue in writing Kinetic Typography. He constantly introduces his view of language as something that could be fun, entertaining, and possibly enjoyable but English speakers of the day had let the beauty and grace of the language fall away and those that retain the practice of language are often ridiculed. Throughout his writing Stephen Fry uses many literary devices to help emphasize or present his idea of language and promote the use and enjoyment of the English language. Among these devices he includes diction, alliteration, and unusual language that capture the reader’s attention. With these devices he manages to maintain the reader entertained but he also successfully passes on his point of view of language and the “pedants” that believe they are the “guardians” of language.     Stephen Fry, throughout his writing, uses sophisticated language that has the ability to capture and maintain the reader’s attention. He also supports his purpose using diction throughout his writing. Words such as Anglophones and “giddy euphoric bliss” help portray the beauty of the English language even if at first the reader does not completely understand the meaning of these words. It gives you a taste of the possibilities a speaker has with the English language and the joy they may experience with these words rolling off their tongues. Every word that you do not encounter in every day English brings about a special effect to the piece of writing as it is seen in Stephen’s work. Every one of these words from haywire to sensuous adds an ingredient to the writing that grasps the reader’s attention and makes him understand the link between the English language that people speak today and the English language that could bring you the “giddy, euphoric bliss” that...
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