Structures in Levels of Government

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Between the levels of government there exist different structures, the federal government is a body is the government body of individuals at the federal level that sets and administers public policies, in US the federal government is established by the US constitution guides and it helps to maintain the use of power within the federation. In the US the federal government has three branches with which it operates and share sovereignty over the United States with the individual government of the states of US. a.The legislature

b.The executive
c.The judiciary
The legislature is made up of the US congress which is bicameral in nature because it consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It has a total of 535 seats and its members help to make laws. The executive comprises of the president and the vice president of the United States, it is the sole arm of government that has the power and responsibility for the daily administration of the state, this tier executes the law, they also ensure the separation to enable and preserve individual liberty. The judiciary is the body that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state, they operate under the separation of powers, they do not make laws nor enforce laws but rather they interpret the law and help in its application. With the consideration of the constitution which prescribes a system of separation of power and checks and balances for smooth functioning of all three branches of the federal government the federation is controlled and maintained as one with the state and local government being carried along therefore capital has become a national issue while people have become state issue and property has become local issues. The state government is the second level of the administrative structure of government in the US with 50 units, the head of each unit is the governor, and the governor works with its cabinet and the house of assembly since it is bicameral in nature. The house of...
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