Studies on Entrepreneurship Development for Graduate in Maiduguri Borno State: Implication for Counselling Strategies

Topics: Government, Maiduguri, Entrepreneurship Pages: 8 (2066 words) Published: August 12, 2011
Studies on Entrepreneurship Development for Graduate in Maiduguri Borno State: Implication for Counselling Strategies

Umar Goni
NCE, B.ED. & M. ED.
(Asst. Lecturer)
Department of Education
University of Maiduguri,

Umara Mustapha
NCE, B. A. ED. & M. ED.
(Chief Tutor)
Department of Education
University of Maiduguri


Ali Mburza
B. A. ED. M. ED & PhD
Department of Education
University of Maiduguri
This is an empirical study designed to investigate entrepreneurship development for graduates in Maiduguri Borno State: Implications for counselling strategies. Four research objectives were set and four research questions were answered in this study. A survey method was employed, an instrument tagged Entrepreneurship Development Among Youths in Borno State Questionnaire (SEDAYQ) was developed and validated by the researchers, the questionnaire elicit information on youths ability and inability to become entrepreneurs. The questionnaire also elicit information on age, personal background, educational level, moral support, family background and personal experience in the area of interest, data were analyzed using frequency count and percentages. The findings of study revealed types of entrepreneurship engaged by youths in Borno State, Causes of youths’ engagement in entrepreneurship, Government role in assisting entrepreneurs and Problems encountered by the graduates in entrepreneurship. Counselling strategies were also provided to graduates, government and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on how to develop, assist and improve entrepreneurship among Borno State graduates and to become self reliant in the society. Key Words: Entrepreneurship, Development, Graduates & Counselling Strategies

The idea of Entrepreneurship is not new in Nigeria; it had existed even before the coming of the colonial masters. The prominence being gained by entrepreneurship in the present time is borne out of the need to address the octopus called unemployment which is facing our society; entrepreneurship is associated with different kinds of activities that have to do with the establishment of business enterprises. Such activities may include identification of investment opportunities, deciding what opportunities to exploit for profit, promotion and establishment of business enterprise. Others include pooling of various resources needed for production and distribution of goods and services, organization and management of human and materials resources for the attainment of the objectives of the enterprise, as well as risk bearing and innovation. Thus the effective performance of the above activities is very vital to start, growth and survival of any business enterprise. Entrepreneurship is a significant factor in the process of the economic development of any nation like Nigeria. Entrepreneurial development is meant to facilitate enterprise development and skill acquisition in order to reduce dependence on the existing employment market. It also entails the objective of motivating the individual to explore the possibility of exploiting the abundant resources in this country as entrepreneur. No wonder governments, nongovernmental organization, companies, humanitarians and individuals are now interested in empowering the people to create Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME). This increased interest has been fostered by such factors in recognition that small firms play a major role in job creation and innovation as well as a vehicle for social and economic development and dependence on government (Ihekwoaba, 2007) There are two sources of funds to take up an entrepreneurship; they are internal and external sources. The internal source refers to the entrepreneur’s private sources such as personal saving and family and friend’s contributions. On the other hand, the external source refers to borrowed funds from the formal sector such as the wealthy...

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