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Topics: Linguistics, Semantics, Semiotics Pages: 3 (262 words) Published: October 24, 2013
Match the definition to the term.

1.suggested meaning of a word; differs from lexical meaningsignifics 2.examines the influence of words and their meanings on human behaviorlinguistic semantics with the meanings of words as they occur in the language structureconnotation 4.sometimes called symbolic logic; deals with theories of meaning.semantics 5.the scientific study of word meaningsgeneral semantics early name for semantics philosophical semantics

What does the Greek word semantikos mean ? signification

Match the term to the description or person(s).

1.general semantics semasiology 2.semantics philosophical semantics 3.symbolic logic Korzybski 4.semantikos signification 5.semantics and literary criticism I.A. Richards and C.K. Ogden

Semantics is the study of word meanings.


I.A. Richards developed the theory of general semantics.


Semantics was also known as semasiology.


Linguistic semantics studies word meanings as they occur in grammatical structures.


Match the description to the term.

1.textbooks context 2.elements surround a word which clarify the meaningfrozen usage 3.the way in which English is used intimate usage and friends formal usage 5.friends at a football game casual usage 6.teachers and employers conference usage 7.making an appointment usage

Class discussion demonstrates frozen usage.


Formal level is used with the principal.

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