Summary of Politics by Aristotle

Topics: Government, Law, Justice Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: June 15, 2013
Summary of Aristotle’s Politics
( By Inamullah Gandapur)
* Aristotle says that all associations are developed to achieve some good objectives and state is a big association which comprised of all other types of associations including family. He says that man is a political animal and the good life can only be achieved if a man spends his life as a citizen of the state. * In economic relations he defends institution of slavery, holding of private property but do not like excessive capitalism. He considers that everyone needs to be ruled and those who lack the rationality to rule themselves need to be ruled by others. He also opposes the enslavement of other Greeks as he believe them at least some what rational being while the non-Greeks are inferior barbarians. However he also want sufficient rationality for the slaves to carry out orders of their masters. * Aristotle says that city or state is closely related and are identified through its constitution and citizenship. * While elaborating about different kinds of Governments, Aristotle says that there are three just and three unjust types on the basis of benefits to everyone or colleting it for the ruling class respectively. When the ruler king is good it is monarchy but it is called tyranny if the ruler is bad. When the elite ruler class performs better it is aristocracy but it becomes oligarchy if the ruling class support only those in power. Similarly when the masses rule good it is polity but it is democracy if they rule bad. He considers polity as best form which is least susceptible to corruption provided that the laws are given higher authority than the governing body. He also defends that all citizens are accountable and written laws have greater authority than the ruling class. * He also gives the idea of distributive justice that a citizen should be given benefits according to the services he renders for the well-being of the state. * Aristotle also discuss about features of...
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