System of economic security of the Republic of Belarus

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System of economic security of the Republic of Belarus
Goal of the system of economic security
Development of a problem of national economic security, search of the most vulnerable for the economy of places which pose threat for a sustainable development of the republic as a whole and also for integration of the Republic of Belarus into world economy. Tasks of the system of economic security

Implementation of the measures directed on:
- monitoring of a condition and threats of economic safety;
- identification of the reasons of an exit of indicators of economic security out of corridor limits; - acceptance of timely anticipating and counteracting measures for restriction of escalation of the negative phenomena and processes in the social and economic sphere of the country, caused by external and internal threats. National economic interests

1) Increase of welfare of the population of the country on the basis of the economic growth and competitiveness of the Belarusian economy, sustainable innovative development, investments into the human capital, modernization of the economic relations, decrease in prime cost, import and material capacities of manufactured products; 2) Preservation of sustainability of national financial and monetary and credit systems; 3) Removal of discriminatory barriers at access of the Belarusian economic entities to the world markets of goods, services, information, technologies and financial (including credit) resources; 4) Providing level of energy security, sufficient for neutralization of external power shocks; 5) Restructuring and increase of efficiency of agrarian sector of economy for maintenance of the guaranteed level of food security; 6) Transfer of modern technologies into economy of the country mainly at the expense of direct foreign investments, availability of foreign credit resources. Economic priorities

1) Development of system of the economic relations providing realization of the vital economic interests of the...
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